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Curious about stepping up your visual game with something a bit (okay, a lot) more wow-worthy than your average screen? You’ve come to the right place! At Just Video Walls, we’re all about cranking up the dial on your viewing experience with our high-end MicroLED display systems. Think of us as your ticket to the ultimate eye-candy show, but in your own space.

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Why Just Video Walls?

We’re not your typical tech company. Sure, we’re all about cutting-edge MicroLED tech that’ll make your jaw drop, but we also believe in having a good time while we’re at it. Our team is a bunch of enthusiasts who love nothing more than helping folks like you transform their spaces into visual retreats.

We think life’s too short for boring screens. We’re on a mission to shake up the CEDIA market by not just being another company in the crowd, but by being your go-to source for high-performance MicroLED systems.

inspecting microled panels

Reason #1

We spent years qualifying components.

We have seen (and heard – hello buzzing power supplies) first hand the disaster that can come with poor quality and low-cost components in a MicroLED system.

Our goal was not to pick the least costly parts off a shelf (or the most expensive for that matter). Nope, we went full detective mode – qualifying each component, challenging pixel technologies to duels (okay, not really, but we did push them to their limits) and ensuring that every piece of the puzzle met our standards. The result? MicroLED systems that are nothing short of spectacular, crafted from the best parts, each chosen for its ability to bring you an unparalleled viewing experience.

So, when we say we’re serious about the quality of our Just Video Walls MicroLED systems, you know it’s not just talk. We’ve put in the hours, the work, and the passion to ensure that what you get is the cream of the crop. Because for us, it’s not just about selling a product; it’s about creating a visual experience that’s as epic as the adventures you’ll watch on it.

Reason #2

We built custom tools for our authorized dealers.

As former dealers for high-fi equipment ourselves, we understand the importance of following the correct process for not only installation and support, but sales.

This is vital for MicroLED because not all walls are suited for just any environment. Some walls are best for indoor dedicated theaters, and others for common rooms where fingers or splashes of water might come in contact. When you work with one of our vetted and authorized dealers, you can trust they are empowered with the right process and tools to get the right wall for your application.

Reason #3

We Aren't Here Just for a Transaction.

We always hated giving money to large corporations who seem to not care about your well-being or if the product they are lobbing at you is even right for you or not. So when we created Just Video Walls it was clear that our business philosophy was going to be based on something different.

We don’t feel entitled to your business, we seek to earn it through experience and finding the right fit for you and your environment.

JVW team CEDIA 2023 web

Reason #4

Our Walls Are Accepted at Major Institutions and Retail Stores

JVW is the official wall of the Twin Peaks restaurant franchise. They have been in use for years so you can trust that our walls are reliable and well suited for your setting.

Reason #5

Solutions for Every Application

Whether it’s an indoor screen or outdoor screen, an ultra-wide display for the bedroom or office, or a high fidelity theater screen, Just Video Walls is the one-stop-shop solution.

a very large 32x9 ratio microled in a bedroom
a home theater with a large microled display

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