Why Just Video Walls

Why Just Video Walls?

In a sea of video wall options, why is Just Video Walls the brand you should choose?

Reason #1

We Focus Only on Video Walls

Not washing machines, kitchen appliances, or cell phones. Why is that important? Because it means we aren’t distracted by other business segments. We attribute 100% of our attention on being the absolute best MicroLED supplier possible.

Reason #2

We Are Forward Thinking

Our goal was to design a solution using non-proprietary components. How does this benefit you? This allows for maximum flexibility and even future technology upgrades as they become available. 

Reason #3

Trust. We Aren't Here Just for a Transaction.

We designed revolutionary new specification tools for your technology installer, the first in the Video Wall industry! Why? It ensures your investment matches your application and is not subject the “opinions” or level of experience of your project specifier. You can place your trust in a Just Video Walls certified dealer to specify the most cost effective solution which matches YOUR needs, not their pocketbook.

Reason #4

Our Walls Are Accepted at Major Institutions and Retail Stores

JVW is the official wall of the Twin Peaks restaurant franchise. They have been in use for years so you can trust that our walls are reliable and well suited for your setting.

Reason #5

Solutions for Every Application

Whether it’s an indoor screen or outdoor screen, an ultra-wide display for the bedroom or office, or a high fidelity theater screen, Just Video Walls is the one-stop-shop solution.

a very large 32x9 ratio microled in a bedroom
a home theater with a large microled display

MicroLED walls are big, heavy, expensive, and draw a lot of power.

That’s true. Video walls are heavy, expensive, and draw a lot of power. But so are Hellcat Challengers. But you don’t buy a Hellcat Challenger because you care about its gas mileage. You buy it for the sounds, smells, and the smile on your face when you drive it.

Based on the average kWH cost of electricity,

A 200” wall costs $0.22 per hour to run.

That's less than the cost of...

A cup of coffee

Running a clothes dryer

.00015 of a trip to Hawaii

Want more reasons to use a Just Video Wall?