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Unique ways that MicroLED can elevate your viewing experience, anywhere.

We believe that MicroLED is the future of digital displays.

Already, people use them in fantastic ways to enhance their viewing experience. Here are just a few.

MicroLED for Movies

Get the ultimate high-fidelity viewing experience for the home theater. MicroLED is the future of movie watching at home.

Transform Your Home Theater

MicroLED elevates your home theater, weaving lifelike realism and seamless visuals, making every moment an extraordinary adventure.


Deep blacks, even with the lights on.


True HDR measured in nits per LED, not per panel.


Seamless integration and flexible size options.


No sensor alignment, soft focus, or abberation.

A Sports Bar In Your Home

The best way to get your sports experience was always in a sports bar. Until now, that is. Now you can create an even better one, but in your own home.

Advance Your Sports Watching

Bring the party to your place and enjoy your time in a casual environment with all the benefits of a large, multi-layered MicroLED.

3840 Hz

High refresh rates and low input lag for smooth and thrilling sports action.


Brilliant and vibrant colors intensify the excitement of live sports events.


Watch multiple live sports feeds simultaneously on the same screen.


With 100,000+ hours of use, you wont be counting the clock.

TV Shows But With MicroLED Flavor

You can watch TV shows on nearly any device. But you can’t experience them like you can on a big screen with OLED like fidelity, at a size specifically for your environment.

Watch a Show, or Experience It

The 7th seasons of your favorite epic drama wasn’t made for your phone. Or your 55″ TV.


Just Video Walls are designed to fit your architecture.


Bigger screens with high-fidelity make you feel like you're there.


Watch a show, and whatever else at the same time.


With HDR and 12+ bit rates, TV shows look better than ever.

Business Like Nobody's Business

Working from home in multi-layering perfection. Eat your heart out, spreadsheets.

Work From Home in Glorious Detail

Split conference windows and presentations into a seamless 32:9 display and never run out of room.


Enough pixel pitch options to get acuity nearly anywhere.


Get all the detail you need with screen size made for you.


See every number in rooms with any level of brightness.


Save configurations for layering, and other preferences.

Micro Reality Gaming

When you want the best performance for FPS, latency, and immersion, MicroLED is the only solution.

Unbelievable Immersion

Gaming is an experience. Why not amplify that experience with the absolute best possible pixel window possible?


Life-like visuals only possible with a true HDR display.

120+ FPS

Every frame in perfect sync with ultra-fast processing.

3840 Hz

High refresh rates and low input lag for fast response.


Host the crew like the old days. Everyone gets a section.

Breathtaking Digital Canvas

Color, scale, and architecture combined for a captivating piece that’s new every morning.

Get Emotion From The Artist

Artwork can be big or small. But it always needs room. Our MicroLED solutions are the canvas.


Vibrancy you may have to see to believe.

12bit +

Seamless transitions with an insane number of colors.


Scale your digital canvas into nearly any shape or size.


100,000+ hours means less maintaining, more viewing.

Enter Your Microverse

Two MicroLED Solutions for Any Application


Pre-configured MicroLED systems


Tailor made MicroLED for your space