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Just Video Walls Ends Spec Memorization with New MicroLED Project Design Tool

Just Video Walls introduces new patent-pending design tool that takes dealers from project to quote in less than 5 minutes.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, September 22, 2023– Hot on the heels of their introduction at the CEDIA expo in Denver, Colorado, Just Video Walls delivers a game-changing MicroLED design tool that will streamline the quoting process down to 5 minutes or less, but also ensure the right tech is going into every job.

The patent-pending design tool enables custom integrators to enter the MicroLED space by starting with the project parameters, not the product lines or individual specs. Users are never asked to select a cabinet or a technology type. Instead, the system presents the best range of possible options based on an interview-based questionnaire derived from years of installation and application experiences.

MicroLED is not constrained to a few diagonal sizes and a 16:9 aspect ratio. The limitless range of sizes and unlimited possibilities can be intimidating to both new and veteran installers. Just Video Walls’ groundbreaking approach solves these problems with a simplified input that can fit a space or design to a size or aspect ratio parameter. The result is a seamless presentation of the optimal options with the correct technology and cabinet type for the project – no math or calculations required whatsoever.

“Our new MicroLED design tool simplifies the entire process, putting the power of precision at the Integrator’s fingertips. No more complex cabinet selections or frustrating calculations – we’ve made it easy, efficient, and accessible,” said Skyler Meek, VP of Marketing at Just Video Walls.

At the end of the process, the integrator is supplied with instantaneous pricing including a “good, better, best” option to help scale the project up or down based on the customer’s needs or budget. Dealers can immediately download a professional PDF proposal with all the project parameters, wall details, and even processor specs for the job which they can use to help close the deal or keep track of their project. The days of waiting weeks for a quote to come back from a supplier are history!

“We simply built the tool that we needed when we were integrating MicroLED, because there are so many options and nobody was there to help us,” said Ryan Lampel, CEO of Just Video Walls. “That’s been our philosophy at every turn in this company – we are the kind of partner that Integrators need, helping bring reliability and eliminating disruption. But at the same time, enabling success in this highly profitable category.”

In addition to speeding up and simplifying the quoting process, the tool also stores every project you create, and tracks orders as they move through production, QC, and shipping. This enables dealers to gain an instantaneous view into the status of their projects so they can in turn provide that transparency to their customers.

Just Video Walls is currently accepting applications for their beta program, which is slated to last through the end of October (2023) before opening the tool to authorized dealer.

To apply for beta access and to get more information about the tool, you can visit Just Video Walls at https://justvideowalls.com/microled-design-tool-beta-application/

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